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  • WK1 CNM: Nanophotonic Structures, Surfaces, and Composites for Radiative Control
  • WK2 APS: High-energy-resolution Inelastic X‐ray Scattering Workshop
  • WK3 APS: Developing Synchrotron Sample Environments to Study Next-generation Field-driven Device Physics
  • WK4 CNM: Exploring the Flatland of 2D Materials for Tribological Manipulation
  • WK6 APS: APS Upgrade: Planning The First Experiments
  • WK7 APS/CNM: Experimental and tomputational Challenges of in situ Multimodal Imaging of Energy Materials
  • WK8 APS: In situ X-ray Characterization of Microstructure during Manufacture
  • WK9 APS: Workshop on 119Sn Nuclear Resonant Scattering at the APS
  • WK10 APS: Application of Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Techniques to Nuclear Materials
  • WK11 APS: Tracking Electronic and Structural Dynamics in Proteins and Materials at Sector 14

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*Workshop 5 was withdrawn.