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OMS Motion, Inc.

For more than 35 years OMS Motion, aka Oregon Micro Systems has been successfully producing motion control products and services. Single axis integrated controls with drives as well as multi-axis controllers that can control up to 10-axes on a single controller.

Founded in the early 80’s OMS developed patented technology that provided an advantage in the motion control industry. In the mid 90’s OMS was acquired by Pro-Dex Inc, a publicly traded company, and continued business as a subsidiary and later a division of Pro-Dex. There were many changes within the Pro-Dex organization though OMS remained constant, expanding their role beyond Motion Control to the support of the Medical Devices of other Pro-Dex companies. In January 2017 OMS separated from Pro-Dex as a private company and has regained its focus on motion control with its original leadership of the last 30 years.

OMS Motion produces superior motion control products that include multi-axis controllers for up to 10-axes as well as single axis integrated drives with controls. The controls accept simple ASCII character commands for simple and intuitive programming. Controllers support Ethernet, RS232, RS485, ModBus, VME and PCI bus communications. Soon to be included are support for EtherCAT, PCIe and other communication protocols.

OMS has earned a strong reputation for reliable and quality motion control products that is trusted throughout many industries, including; semiconductor equipment, laboratory automation, factory automation and large-scale research. OMS Motion is a trusted name worldwide for quality motion control.

15201 NW Greenbrier Pkwy.

Ste. B1

Beaverton, OR 97006