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MW Industries BellowsTech

BellowsTech, LLC edge welded metal bellows provide a hermetic, all-metal pressure barrier and seal and provides the most flex in one or more directions within the smallest amount of space of any bellows technology on the market by reaching a 90% stroke length. This flexibility allows for increased expansion and contraction of the bellows. Edge welded bellows are flexible in design to accommodate round, oval and rectangular shapes. BellowsTech precision ultra­ high vacuum edge welded bellows are able to withstand high vacuum applications with low leak rates to ensure a hermetic seal, and can be customized to the size and shape required of new design or retrofit applications. High vacuum bellows can be configured with a variety of end pieces including end plates for welding, CF flanges, KF flanges, ISO flanges as well as custom designs, from a wide variety of stock materials, including 300 series Stainless Steel, Titanium, lnconel, AM 350 and more. To learn more, visit

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