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greateyes GmbH

greateyes GmbH is an aspiring German-based manufacturer of scientific high-performance cameras for imaging and spectroscopic applications. The company is passionate about innovative, cutting-edge technology and strives for continuous product improvement. Based on their unique platform concept, customers can choose from a large portfolio of cameras (more than 50) including various pixel formats with sensor sizes up to 16.8 megapixel. The compact detector design allows flexible integration into existing setups either as stand-alone detector or attached to a vacuum chamber. Full flexibility is particularly offered by the in-vacuum camera series designed and optimised to be operated under UHV conditions. Low-noise electronics combined with deep sensor cooling enables high dynamic range measurements for most-demanding applications, with excellent sensitivities ranging from the X-ray through EUV to the VIS and NIR spectral region.

Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 2,

12489 Berlin


+49 (0)30 912075 250