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Toyama Co., Ltd.

Toyama designs and manufactures ultra-precision systems for experimentation at the cutting edge of science. From its new state-of-the-art headquarters building, the Toyama Monozukuri Center, located some 50 miles west of Tokyo, Toyama’s 150 full time staff are working together with scientists and engineers from leading research institutes worldwide to develop instrumentation in fields as diverse as synchrotron radiation, nuclear physics, semiconductor technology and fusion research. Toyama is proud of its traditions of excellence in engineering design and manufacturing. Our extensive workshop facilities and highly trained manufacturing personnel give us very flexible production capabilities and ensures the quality of the components that are built into our systems. Toyama’s instrumentation is held in high regard by many engineers and scientists. Toyama’s purpose is to continue to support research and development activities at the cutting-edge of science. It is our intention to be the “Best Partner for Scientists.”

3816-1 Kishi


Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa, Japan



+44 78 0283 2377