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The SAES CapaciTorrs and NЕХTorrs continue to be the benchmark compact and powerful UHV/XHV pumps. The recently developed ZAO alloy has allowed for extending the operational pressure of NEGs to the 1e-7 Torr range with CapaciTorr HV and NEXTorr HV pumps as well as for developing the CapaciTorr Z and NexTorr Z pumps that deliver up to 50% more pumping speed in the same package as the existing CapaciTorr and NEXTorr pumps. The ZAO alloy also exhibits an improved mechanical stability, allowing ZAO-based pumps to be used in the cleanest applications without a risk of particle contamination. Recently, Jefferson Lab has started retrofitting the warm sections between SRF cavities of CEBAF with ZAO-based CapaciTorr HV200 pumps since they are cleaner and provide a better background than ion pumps. The standard NEXTorrs are now being implemented in cold waveguides because of their outstanding hydrogen performance.

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