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Office of Science User Facilities


APSUO Steering Committee (election website)

The APSUO Steering Committee (SC) advises the Advanced Photon Source Director on matters affecting the user community, serves as an advocacy group for the Facility and its user community, and assures good communication between the APS user community and the APS management. Furthermore, the APSUO is responsible for organizing the APS Users Meetings. Consequently, it is important that all segments of the APS community are represented on the APSUO SC. In conjunction with Users Week, the APS Users Organization elects new representatives to its Steering Committee.


CNM Users Executive Committee (election website)

The CNM Users Executive Committee (UEC) serves as an advocacy group for the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) and its user community, provides advice to the Director on matters affecting the user community, and ensures good communication between the CNM user community and CNM management. The CNM UEC is also responsible for organizing the CNM-related scientific content of the annual Users Meetings. The CNM user community elects three new representatives to the UEC in conjunction with the APS/CNM Users Meeting.